How to Make a Reservation?

You enter the villa or bungalow page on our site that you like and want to make a reservation for, after selecting the available dates, you select the dates to enter and exit the villa or bungalow from the "Make Reservation" window on that page, and then select the number of people to stay. After these processes, the duration of the stay, the total amount for the reservation, the deposit payment, and the remaining amount to be paid at the entrance of the villa or bungalow will be written under the window. If you confirm this information, you need to fill in the blanks under this information and press the "Submit Reservation Request" button. Then your request will reach us. If the request you have sent is suitable, an e-mail containing the payment information will be sent to you so that you can make a prepayment. You will be given an option of 1 hour to make a prepayment, and if the payment is received within this period, your reservation will be confirmed and your reservation process will be completed.

How many people can we stay in the villa or bungalow we rent?

It is the number of bedrooms and beds in the villa or bungalow that creates the capacity of the person in the villas or bungalows. That is, people can stay as much as the capacity. Before renting, you can check the capacity of the villa or bungalow you will rent and then continue with your reservation. These rules may vary from house to house.

What is Included in the Price of the Villa or Bungalow?

What is included in the price of the Villa and Bungalow:

-Electricity Expense
-Water drainage
-Internet Expense
-First Cleaning Before Entering the Villa
-Cylinder Gas Expense
In some of our homes, breakfast may be included in this. Services may vary.

Do you have catering service?

Unfortunately, there is no food service in our Villas or Bungalows. You can meet your food needs from the surrounding restaurants or by using the kitchen equipment at home. Some of our houses have their own restaurants. If you prefer, you can benefit from this service by choosing our houses with a restaurant.

Are the Prices Per Person?

Our prices are charged per night, not per person. In other words, when you pay for a villa or bungalow, you will be able to provide accommodation with as many people as the person capacity of that villa. In some of our houses, the prices given may be for two people. There is an extra charge after two people. Information about this is given at the time of booking.

How can we pay the prepayment amount?

You can pay your prepayment either by CREDIT CARD or by money transfer/EFT method.

What is the Distance of the Villa or Bungalow to the Market/Restaurant/Sea?

Since the location of each villa or bungalow is different, it varies from house to house, but you can check the distances from the Center, Public Transport, Restaurant, Beach, Market and Airport from the "Location" section in the section where the house information you are examining is.

How to get Villa and Bungalow Transportation?

The information of the person who will meet you is sent to you 3-4 days before your entrance on the date you book the Villa or Bungalow, and he will meet you at the location we sent to you by contacting the person in the information received. You can make the remaining payment to him and provide your identity information and enter the villa or bungalow.

What is Not Included in the Price of the Villa or Bungalow?

Services and facilities not included in the price of the villa:

-Food and Beverage Service

- Villa or Bungalow Interior Cleaning During Villa or Bungalow Accommodation


Is there an age limit?

Our guests under the age of 18, accompanied by their parents, can stay in our villas or bungalows. Otherwise, if the age of our guests who will stay in the villa or bungalow is less than 18 years old, reservations cannot be made.

About Pool Heating Systems!

The pools of our houses with heated pools are not thermal. Average temperatures vary between 28 and 35. The price information of our houses, which have an extra fee for the heated pool, is shared with you during the rental.

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