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Our Tourism company, which started its operations in 2022, was established to provide rental services with the most reliable options in Bungalow, Tiny House, Glamping, Mountain House and Villa accommodation services. Since the day we were founded, we have been continuing our corporate and customer satisfaction oriented services.

With the awareness that we exist for our customers and with our thanks, our customers' suggestions, requests, satisfaction and dissatisfaction are easily handled with sensitivity and confidentiality, evaluated in a way that does not conflict with legal requirements and customer expectations, necessary improvements are made and continuous controls are made to ensure that the same dissatisfaction is not repeated, their demands are made for continuous improvement for our institution. and follow the approach that there is an opportunity for improvement.

Transparency in our relations with our customers, informing our customers of the results of our customers' suggestions, requests, satisfaction and dissatisfaction messages as soon as possible, and making our employees aware of this is one of the main principles of our policy.


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